National Taiwan University - Kyoto University Symposium 2013

Museum Session

The Kyoto University


National Taiwan University

Sub-session 1: Role Orientations of University Museum


University Museums Open New Feature of Leading Universities

Dr. Terufumi Ohno (大野照文 館長)

Ph.D, Bonn University

Director, the Kyoto University Museum


University Museums and Social Reconnections in a New Century: From Academic Collections to Cultural Resources

Dr. Hu, Chia-yu (胡家瑜 教授)

Ph.D in Anthropology, University College London, University of London    

Professor, Department of Anthropology, National Taiwan University 

Sub-session 2: The Academic Value of University Museum Collections


Collection's Power: Botanical Collection of Kyoto University and Scientific Research

Dr. Hidetohi Nagamasu (永益英敏 副教授)

D.Sc., Kyoto University

Associate Professor, Kyoto University Museum


University Museum Collection: a Timeless Record on Transformation of Land, Knowledge and Society

Dr. Yu, Hon-Tsen (于宏燦 教授)

Ph.D, University of California, Berkeley

Professor, Department of Life Science, National Taiwan University 

Sub-session 3: Digital Archive and Academic Network of University Museums


Collaborated Uses of Digital Archive System based on Identity Federation

Mr. Haruyoshi Gotoh (五島敏芳 講師)

Lecturer, Kyoto University Museum


Forging Creativity and Border-crossing: Digital Archives and the Transformation of University Museums

Dr. Tsai,Chiung-min (蔡炯民 研究員)

Ph.D. in Geography, Boston University 

Research Fellow, Research Center for Digital Humanities, National Taiwan University 


Global Network of University Museums and Collection for Science Infrastructure of Object-based Research

Dr. Masaharu Motokawa (本川雅治 副教授)

D.Sc., Kyoto University 

Associate Professor, Kyoto University Museum, KU