National Taiwan University - Kyoto University Symposium 2013

Museum Session


Guidelines for Participation (活動報名須知)

  • To attend the Museum Session of the NTU-KU Symposium 2013, admission is free but online registration is required. The conference hall has seating for only 160 attendees and thus early registration is advisable. The deadline of registration is Dec. 15, 2014
  • 本議程(2013年臺灣大學─京都大學研討會:博物館議程) 竭誠歡迎大眾參與,全程免費;但敬請事先報名。本會議廳只可容納160人,欲參加者敬請提早報名;報名截止時間為102年12月15日。

  • The Session is comprised of two sub-sessions: the Afternoon Sub-session on December 19 (13:30-18:00) and the Morning Sub-session on December 20 (09:00-12:30). Participation in either or both are all welcome.
  • 本議程區分12月19日下午場次(13:30-17:30)以及12月20日上午場次(09:00-12:30)。歡迎擇一或兩個場次皆參與。

  • Teachers or government employees who have full participation in the Afternoon Sub-session or the Morning Sub-session can earn learning or training hours. It would be 5 hours for the Afternoon Session, 4 hours for the Morning Session and 9 hours in total for both Sessions.
  • 教師或公務人員全程參與者提供研習或進修時數。報名


  • We reserve the rights to modify the presented programme and adjust the schedule.
  • 主辦單位保持議程異動以及調整時刻表之權利。

Guidelines for Poster Submission (海報徵件須知)

  • Participants are encouraged to submit posters for reviews. The topics of submitted posters shall revolve around university museum's affairs and authors of accepted posters will be invited to deliver 5 to 10-minute speech in the Morning Session (Dec. 20).
  • 參加本議程者歡迎投稿海報,惟主題需與大學博物館事務相關。海報接受者將受邀於上午場次(12月20日)發表5-10分鐘演說。

  • Each prospective presenter can only submit one poster for review. An uploaded file, i.e. a poster, shall be in PDF format and under 2 MB in size.
  • 每一位欲投稿海報者只能上傳一份檔案供審查。請直接將設計好之海報電子檔上傳,檔案格式須為PDF檔,並且大小不得超過2MB。

  • The deadline of poster submission is December 15, 2013.
  • 海報上傳截止日為2013年12月15日

  • Both the submitted poster and presentation are encouraged to be in English.
  • 海報內容以及演說鼓勵使用英語進行。

  • Submitters must attest that the posters are their own work or the joint work of the authors identified on the posters. Please obtain permission from copyright holders for the use of any previously published material.
  • 投稿之人須保證上傳稿件為自己的作品;共同作者亦須列名於海報上。請尊重他人智慧財產權,若使用他人作品,請務必事先取得他人同意。

  • Submitters of posters will be notified of the result (acceptance or rejection) of their posters on a rolling basis
  • 海報評審結果將依遞件順序通知,愈早遞件欲早通知審核結果。

  • Poster presenter of accepted posters shall bring their posters up to A0 size (84.1*118.4cm, 33.11*46.61 inches) and set them up in the Zu-Zan Hall at the NTU Library between 14:00 and 16:00 on December 18, 2013.
  • 海報發表者請攜帶A0大小之海報一張(直式),於12月18日下午2點到4點之間在臺大圖書館日然廳報到並張貼海報。

  • Presenters intending to print posters in Taiwan may contact the session coordinator for information regarding available printing services around the NTU Campus.
  • 海報發表者若想在臺大附近影印海報,可向本議程協調單位詢問相關資訊。

  • The presentation is encouraged to be creative and stimulating. The presenters, however, shall refrain from making harsh language or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group.
  • 演說內容以及方式歡迎發揮創意,但敬請注意針對性幽默的合宜性;以及避免使用任何具貶低性或帶有歧視之言論。

  • If the presenter does not wish to keep the poster after the Symposium ends, please consider not laminating the poster to ensure that it can be recycled.
  • 若無保留海報之需求,請海報發表者慎重考慮用可回收之材質印製海報。

  • We reserve the rights to modify the presented programme and adjust the schedule.
  • 主辦單位保持議程異動以及調整時刻表之權利

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